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Pellopuu’s 5-million-euro investment in the future to be completed this year

In 2019, we made a huge investment to develop our operations both in terms of business and ecologically. Concurrently, we want to support renewable energy sources and do our part in battling climate change.

The project will be finished by the end of the year and includes, for example, one of the largest solar power plants in Northern Finland, a modern HERZ BioFire wood chip power plant, and a new 3000-square-metremanufacturing hall built from recycled concrete elements and wood. The project also includes an investment to one of the world’s largest log processing lines which enables added-value products through new processing capabilities.

 The total investment is over 5 million euros.

Pellopuu_uusi tuotantohalli

The new manufacturing hall was built from recycled concrete and wood.


New solar power system

As a significant part of the investment, we built an extensive solar power plant in Pellopuu’s factory area. With 1150 panels, the surface area of the solar plant is equivalent to the size of ten tennis courts. The large number of shining solar panels changes our factory area also visually in a wonderful way. 

Structurally, these huge solar panels have been implemented partly by utilizing the wall surfaces of existing factory buildings, and partly as a separate, large panel structure on one side of our factory area. The annual output of the power plant will be approximately 250 000 kilowatt-hours, covering a significant part of Pellopuu’s annual energy needs.


Local and renewable fuel

 At the same time, a new and modern 999 kWh HERZ BioFire wood chip power plant will be built in Pellopuu’s factory area. For fuel, the power plant uses pellets and wood chips, a natural by-product of our production.

 Due to its superb power output and efficient emission reduction, the new wood chip power plant will replace a large amount of fossil energy with a local and renewable energy source. As a computational example, the energy production of the 999 kWt HERZ BioFire plant avoids about 1.6 million kilograms of CO2 emissions annually compared to the same amount of energy produced using oil. The difference in climate impact between the wood chips and the fossil fuel is significant.


Premises for a record-size log processing line built out of recycled concrete

Our investments in the production of our new, innovative JÄTTIHIRSITM log elements represent a significant future-oriented step. This part of the investment includes a new 3300-square-metre manufacturing hall and the Hundegger log processing line, the largest in the Nordic countries and one of the few in its class globally.

The new manufacturing hall was built entirely out of domestic concrete elements, recycled from demolished industrial buildings, and wood. This minimized the carbon footprint of the new construction.

Our commitment to sustainable development is only one of the reasons to choose Pellopuu as your supplier. Read more about how we delivered a beautiful and modern log house to the Netherlands.


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